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Corona couldn’t stop us

A virtual trip around the English-speaking world

Well, unfortunately, we only went on a trip around the world with our laptop screens. We prepared presentations about different English-speaking countries and famous cities. We already started in November, but because of the lockdown and homeschooling, we had to hold the presentations online in our GoogleMeet video chats.

There weren’t many technical problems and we had lots of fun. Of course, it was different to “normal” presentations at school, but it was a cool and new experience. Valentin made an interview with Ms. Daniels, a manager of a South African volunteer programme and Katja interviewed her mum, because she is a London expert. We also learned many interesting facts about Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or famous American cities, such as New York, San Francisco, L.A. and Philadelphia. Also the popular U.S. state Florida was presented.

It was only a virtual trip, but it was still exciting.

Students of E-WPF (3rd grade)


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